City of Trees 2003

18 at start


Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon 2006

87-93 at end

Farthest from home

Antarctica 2005


Personal Record (fastest time)

Clarence DeMar 2005

Set out to do PR and did

Personal Record (slowest time)

Canadian Death Race 2006

Ran marathon (4th) leg of 77-mile Canadian Death Race. First 11K was 3,000 climb. Ran from 6 pm to 3 am. Was 80 at start and 35 at top of mountain.

Felt Best Afterward

SF 2003

Dances with Dirt 2005


Felt Worst Afterward

City of Trees 2005

Cold, rainy, ill

Most Scenic

Big Sur 2001

Entirely along Pacific Ocean

Least Scenic

Baltimore 2005

Not the best parts of town

Most Fun/Favorite

Chicago 2005

Because ran with son Brian

Least Fun

Clarence DeMar 2005

Trying for PR, ran alone

Most Difficult

Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run 50K

Over 15,000 feet in vertical change. Much mud.



Still looking for that one


Chicago 2005

More than 33,000 marathoners


Louisiana Trail 50K

Only 9 runners.


City of Trees 2005


Most Spectators

New York 2003

Three million

Fewest Spectators

Antarctica 2005

Less than 20

Most Well-Organized

Portland 2000, 2001, 2002


Least Well-Organized

Jesus Run 2002

Many got lost, even in downtown Denver. Held only one year. Can hardly guess why.

Favorite Vendor

Marathon Charms

. . . and she runs marathons also!

Favorite Spectator

Lorrie Apel

. . . because I get a kiss every time!


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