Interviews and Speaking Engagements

  • I was asked to speak on Father's Day, June 19, 2011, at the Chapel on the Hill Assembly of God Church
    in Emlenton, PA--the church my brother Scott and his wife, Linda, attend.  I was not asked to preach a
    sermon, teach from the Word, or give my testimony, but only "tell my story."  That story was of marathons,
    cancer, and, given the occasion, how that might relate to Father’s Day.  

  • The message was that our Heavenly Father loves us and provides for us, and we as earthly fathers should
    love and provide for our children as well.  And, as children of both fathers, we should want to be like our
    fathers and spend time with them.  I am sure my three sons do not want to be like me in all respects, but
    they certainly like to spend time with me, and for that I am honored.  

  • I spoke at both the early service and the late service on June 19, and, if you're interested in watching the
    video of the early service, it is in two parts: First  you can click here:  Early Service, Part 1, and then you
    can click here Early Service Part 2.

  • Fools Five 8K (cancer fund raiser and running), Lewiston, MN, April 3, 2011.  Click here for menu.

  • Wake N Shake (cancer fund raiser and marathons), March 19, 2011, Winston-Salem, NC.  Click here for

  • Boston Marathon (50th marathon in 50 states)

  • Interview on NPR  "Only a Game " (go to minute marker 20:02)-- April 18, 2009

  • Presentations to friends, family, and colleagues (Antarctica Marathon), 2005-present.  Click
    here to see some of the Antarctica photographs
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