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Outer Banks:  Win and Lorrie were at the Outer Banks July 23 through August 6 with siblings and other
relatives,both from the Apel side and the Marconi side, as well as with their own sons and their families.  This is
where we stayed:
Glistening Sands. If you have not read he account of the stay, you can click here:  PDF of
CaringBridge post on Outer Banks.   Here are a few of the hundreds of photos.:  Outer Banks photos.

Addys:  On July 15-17 Julie, John and Liam Addy drove down to Clemmons from their home in Jeffersonton, VA,
to spend a weekend with Win and Lorrie. The company, the food and the time together were great.

All-Star Game:  On July 12, Brian and I attended the MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix.  If you have not read the
details and are interested, click here:  
All-Star Game details.

NJ House Closing: On July 8 our house in NJ closed.  We  no longer own a house in New Jersey.  All went well.  

Last Visit to NJ House:  On July 6, 2011, Lorrie flew from Greensboro, NC, to Newark. She was picked up at the
airport by Gregg and Linda Hagg, our pastor and his wife.  Gregg  dropped them off at our house on Killarney
drive,where Lorrie made one last sweep of the house before getting in the Subaru station wagon with Linda and
driving straight through to Winston-Salem.  Lorrie and Linda had a great time in the car together during their
approximately 9-10 hour drive.


Father’s Day:  I was asked to speak on Father's Day, June 19, at the Chapel on the Hill Assembly of God Church
in Emlenton, PA--the church my brother Scott and his wife, Linda, attend.  I was not asked to preach a sermon,
teach from the Word, or give my testimony, but only "tell my story."  That story was of marathons, cancer, and,
given the  ccasion, how that might relate to Father’s Day.  The message was that our Heavenly Father loves us
and provides for us, and we as earthly fathers should love and provide for our children as well.  And, as children
of both fathers, we should want to be like our fathers and spend time with them.  I am sure my three sons do
not want to be like me in all respects, but they certainly like to spend time with me, and for that I am honored.  I
spoke at both the early service and the late service on June 19, and, if you're interested in watching the video of
the early service, it is in two parts: First  you can click here:  
Early Service, Part 1, and then you can click here
Early Service Part 2.

Pinehurst: On June 8 and 9 Lorrie and Win travelled down to Pinehurst, NC, for an engineering and
construction risk management alumni function.  Great to see old friends!

Trip to NJ: On n June 3 Lorrie and I flew to Newark where I participated in the production of a safety video for
Weeks Marine. On June 4-5 we then drove another car from New Jersey to North Carolina so I could be back in
North Carolina for my next clinical trial treatment on June 6.

NC House Closing:  The closing on our house in North Carolina was June 1. Here are some pictures of the
empty house at
712 Maner Place Court in Winston-Salem, NC.  We cannot move in for some time, and so will
continue to stay at Peter and Franny's house.