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  • Lewiston, MN -- the town

  • News video on 34 year-old Lewiston, MN, pastor, Leah McDowell, in third fight against cancer  Video.
  • News article on 34-year-old Lewiston, MN, pastor, Leah McDowell.  News article.

  • News article on Fools Five event bigger than town, March 29, 2011:  News Article.

  • Video of Win's speech, April 3, 2011.  Video.
  • News article on Win's speech, April 4, 2011.  News Article.

  • Win and Lorrie's photos of Fools Five.  Photos.
funds for cancer research.  It was organized and is run by the nicest people one would ever want to meet, and the run
has grown every year in both the number of participants and in the amount of funds raised.  On April 3, 2011 Win Apel
was the keynote speaker after the race.  For more information, click on the links below.