We have so appreciated all of the hard work and research that has gone before us in order for Win to have received
the benefit of being in the clinical trial. The good recent MRI reports suggest that he may have a positive response
to the trial drug.  In addition, the staff at Wake Forest Medical School and Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, from
housekeeping to the nurses, to the highest research physicians, have been very accommodating and friendly.  To
publicize that, Wake Forest has made a very professional video interview of us talking about the hard work,
research and great service at Wake Forest.  If you are interested in viewing it, just click here:  
Win and Lorrie
Wake Forest Video.

None of this happens without funding for the places and processes where research happens.  Thus, if you are
interested in making a fully tax-deductible donation to cancer research for any reason whatsoever, please consider
donating to the research of Win's medical oncologist,
Dr. Glenn Lesser, at Wake Forest University Medical School.  
All of the funds will be used directly for research, with no administrative fees taken out. If the donation is made "In
Honor of Win Apel,” please so designate so that all of the funds will be directed to the endowment fund created for
Dr. Lesser's use  titled "Win Apel Brain Tumor Research Fund".

We have personally contributed to this Endowment Fund as it is an opportunity to pay it forward to those in the
future who will be helped by current research. Experiencing the science as well as the art of medicine at Wake
Forest Baptist Health has convinced us there is no better place to make our donation. We hope you will agree.

There are three ways to donate: (1) by phone, (2) with a paper form and a check, or (3) online.  Here are the
instructions for each method:

  • Phone:  Call 800-899-7128.  Be sure to say it is "In Memory of Win Apel."

  • Paper form and check:
  •        Click here to open a copy of the paper form: Win Apel donation form.
  •        Download the form, print it out, complete it, and mail it with a check.

  • Online
  •        Go to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center online giving page: Online Giving Page.
  •        On the first screen, choose either.
  •        On the second screen, Under "Gift Designation," choose "Custom."
  •        Then choose “Win Apel Brain Tumor Research Fund (2814)” and then continued to make your own
  •        On the third screen, choose “In Memory Of" and then type in "Win Apel.”  (This is true even if you are
    making the donation in memory of my mother.)

  •           The rest of the screens are self explanatory.

If you are interested in a printout of the screens to be filled out online, and the information that goes on those
screens, please click here for the screen print out and print it if you wish.  
Screen Printout.

Thank you very much.

Win and Lorrie