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  • First Email: On December 1-2, 2010, just before his December 3 brain surgery, Win sent this email to a large
    number of friends, colleagues, and relatives, but a portion of them bounced back.  In addition, some returned with a
    message that too many emails had been sent on same day.  If you never got this email and want to read it, just click
    here: First Email.

  • CaringBridge is a Web site operated by a "charitable, non-profit organization, funded through the generosity
    of individual donors" and describes itself as providing "free websites that connect people experiencing a
    significant health challenge to family and friends, making each health journey easier."    

  • Shortly after Thanksgiving 2010, Trey, Win's oldest son, created a page on CaringBridge for Win so others
    could track his medical progress.  There, one can read Journal postings by family, read Guestbook entries by
    all, write one's own Guestbook entries, and sign up for alerts of new Journal postings (not alerts of Guestbook
    postings) if you want.  This is the best site for keeping track of Win’s progress.

  • Here is an example of an email alert one receives when the family posts a new Journal entry:  Sample email

  • Radiation Treatment:  Longer, more technical version of radiation treatment described on CaringBridge
    on December 19, 2010.

  • Lab Results and Treatment Schedule: Longer, more technical version of lab results of cancer
    tissue testing and of the radiation and chemotherapy schedule described on CaringBridge on January 4, 2011.
On November 27, 2010, Win learned that he had a mass in his brain.  On December 3, 2010, Win had brain surgery, and
the remaining cancer cells as possible, and is continuing the chemotherapy indefinitely or until the cancer progresses.

If you have never followed anyone on CaringBridge, you can read about the non-profit site below.  It is an excellent way to
keep track of another's health progress.  To read about Win's history in more detail and to follow his continuing progress,
This Brain Cancer page on Win and Lorrie's Personal Web Site consists primarily of links from
Win's CaringBridge Web
site for information that is too voluminous or too much detail for CaringBridge.  You can click on any of the links below if
you want, or you can link to them as you follow the family's chronological Journal entries on CaringBridge.