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  •        NPR -- April 18, 2009  (go to minute marker 20:02)
  •        Fox 25 News -- April 21, 2009
     After I decided to run a marathon or ultra marathon in every state, people always asked if I had run the Boston
Marathon yet, as Boston is the oldest and most well-known marathon, and thus one about which many people ask. I
had some ultra in Massachusetts on my schedule for that state, but at one point, I decided to run the Boston Marathon
there were three wonderful, unintended consequences.  

     First, I ended up running for a cancer charity, and an excellent one at that.  Typically, a runner cannot run Boston
without qualifying first in another marathon.  For example, for my age and gender, I needed to run a 3:45 marathon
somewhere to qualify for Boston.  See
Boston Marathon qualifying times.  With a personal marathon record of 4:41,
there was no way I could qualify.  Thus, I had to find a charity spot, had to apply to one of the official Boston Marathon
Cancer Institute with what I thought was a compelling story of having been a cancer survivor, having run in 49 states
since, and having an ability to raise money for DFCI.  I still have a copy of my
application.  The unintended
consequence was that I was indeed accepted and was able to reach out to hundreds of friends and raise over
$22,000 for cancer research, putting me in top 10 of the DFCI runners that year out of hundreds who ran for DFCI.  In
fact, DFCI took a special interest in me and my story.  It was great and a fantastic consequence.

     Second, running Boston as my 50th state also generated unintended media coverage, including newspaper
articles, an interview on
NPR (go to minute marker 20:02two days before the Boston Marathon, and an interview on
Fox News the day after that was nationally syndicated.  DFCI helped with that as well. Some of the links are below.

and their own lives.  In fact, until my brain cancer surgery on December 3, 2010, the
running the Boston Marathon.